We fight for justice for victims of crime and abuse of power prototyping and small customers' projects.

Brief History

The CRIMEVICTIMS FOUNDATION NIGERIA (CRIVIFON) was established ostensibly to create a safe and nurturing environment for victims of crime and abuse of power following the United Nations Declaration of justice for victims of crime in 1989. With a passion and drive to emplace a lasting legacy on national development and care for the victims of crime, Crime Victims Foundation Nigeria (CRIVIFON) was registered in 1996 as a national non-governmental organization with charitable status.
It was founded by Mrs. Gloria Egbuji, a professional lawyer; as an organization for victim assistance to work with relevant institutions and organizations particularly the criminal justice agency, the police, civil society organizations and CBOs to provide support for those who become victims of crime.

Our team of compassionate professionals and volunteers work tirelessly to address the physical, emotional and psychological needs of individuals who have experienced trauma in Nigeria using evidence based approaches in most of our activities. 

Our Vision

“Our vision is to create a society where victims of crime and abuse of power find safety, support and justice. We strive to empower survivors, advocate for their rights and work towards a world free from violence and injustice, where every individual can live with dignity and without fear.”

Our Mission

“Empowering and advocating for victims of crime and abuse of power in Nigeria, our foundation is dedicated to providing support, resources and legal assistance to help survivors heal, seek justice and create a more just and equitable society”.

Our Objectives

1. To build the capacity of the Nigerian Law Enforcement Agencies through training on Human rights.
2. To increase the range and availability of services for victims from the time of victimization to the aftermath.
3. To expand the victims’ opportunity to participate at all critical stages of criminal justice process and ensure consideration of victimization upon the victim.
4. To improve the quality of outreach and treatment of victims in need
5. To provide for the unique needs of the underserved and vulnerable population
6. To seek accessible justice for the poor and vulnerable. 

Our Target

* All Victims of Crime
*Law Enforcement Officials
*Vulnerable Groups
*The Less Privileged/Poor 

Our Approach

In the face of funding needs and inability to access funds from international donors, our Foundation commenced innovative approaches to generate fund using our team of membership volunteers who have contributed in various ways to keep our activities going.
As a Nigerian non-profit organization, we explored various local fundraising strategies, to sustain our activities in the face of dire funding needs such as organizing community events, partnering with local businesses and corporations and concerned well meaning individuals for sponsorships. We seek for grants from local foundations, conducting crowd funding campaigns and engaging in awareness campaigns to attract local donations.

Building a strong online presence and leveraging social media platforms has helped us to reach a wider local audience and generated support that led to the passage of THE BILL FOR THE TREATMENT OF VICTIMS OF GUNSHOT AND ACCIDENT INTO AN ACT OF THE NATIONAL ASSEMBLY ASSENTED TO, BY THE PRESIDENT IN 2017. 

Our Partners

We have affiliation with the National Organization for Victims Assistance (NOVA) USA and the Victim Support London.